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Trees and Mountains


Hi, I'm Lori Zoller

My family feels blessed to live and work in Klickitat County. So scenic, quiet, and rural with a bright future, Klickitat County settles in the heart of all those who live here. After thirty-eight years of raising our family and managing our small businesses, I have met many people, from east to west; I consider them all my neighbors and friends. Each person along the way has taught me our history, our struggles, our triumphs, and our values.


“A promise to be available and sensitive of all views.”


Having lived, worked, and raised my family and managed our small business 

in Klickitat County for over 38 years, I am pleased to announce my candidacy 

for District #2 Klickitat County Commissioner.  


For the past ten years, I am currently serving as a member of the Klickitat County Planning Commission. I have a strong background working with Klickitat County on Watershed Planning, Fish Recovery, and other diverse boards as a Facilitator Administrator and have kept fiscally responsible budgets for multiple grants and projects.  


Not daunted by a complex subject, I am well known for my tenacity and thinking out of the box. All the while making sure we meet the content of the law and treat everyone fairly and with respect.  


I worked with many of our delegates in Olympia on behalf of Klickitat County and maintained those excellent relationships. 


As a Mother and Grandmother, I understand the needs of parents and support access to 

better health care, education, affordable housing, and good jobs.  

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